The Word says “Come, everyone, and clap your hands for joy. Shout to God with joyful praise.” We at ICF proclaim this from our hearts as we congregate every week to raise our voices and celebrate God. We praise him with instruments and voices of praises. Every man and woman, boy and girl becomes involved in the comtemporary setting to experience the healing power of His presence that is significant in our worship services. We bow to His authority and truth, and stand in awe of His majesty. With lifted hands in adoration of His holiness, we dance before Him, singing with joy. Worship is extravagant and passionate from our hearts. Everyone who joins us is given that freedom and liberty to intimately worship Him in spirit and in truth.We welcome you to experience His love in a deeper measure through our worshipping and fellowshipping together.

Come & engage in worship of the King this Sunday! Services are held Sunday mornings at 10am and various times throughout the week.