We are on an exciting journey together at ICF.

While the church has been around for many years, recently God has led us in an exciting new vision.


In 2007, after 12 years of pastoral ministry full of joys and pains that God used to shape them and ICF, Pastor Paul and Marla Blank began to feel that something was missing in standard way in which we were “doing church”. They longed for something more authentic and real. Additionally, they were concerned by the inability of standard church models to keep young adults connected to the kingdom and build strong discipleship in family units.

The next two years were a journey of discovery where God first gave them a hunger to see church transformed from programmed meetings that keep believers busy, but isolated, to an authentic community of faith where believers connect in genuine relationships, find their calling and kingdom purpose, and are equipped to fulfill this together.

The second passion that developed was a desire to see families restored and strengthened through the community of faith. In our culture, families are so busy that there is little cohesive family time left to impact our children with Biblical faith. Between running to sports and so many other activities, families seldom experience community. They were troubled to see most church programs further contributing to this fragmenting of families. The desire was birthed to have God shape ICF to encourage, strengthen, and support families at a time when so much in our culture is pulling them apart.

In a Family Integrated Church, we are working to bring the generations together. We gather as a community of faith where families come to worship, learn, and pray, together! We believe it is valuable for children to see their parents in worship, as well as to be integrated into the life and mission of the church so that they grow up

knowing what it means to “be the church”. Several independent surveys have shown that the age-segregated models of church, while well intentioned, have contributed to the isolation and departure of the “i-gen” young adults from involvement in church life. In addition we want to strengthen fathers to lead their families, and encourage husbands and wives to be a team for the purpose of evangelizing and discipling their children in a Godly and Biblical world view.

While the church can encourage and equip parents in this God-given task, it cannot and should not be a substitute for this high calling of parents. Children will get their primary world view from their parents. If parents fail to provide one from their teaching and example, the culture will quickly substitute one that is far from the truth of God. Our desire is to exhort and assist parents to be victorious is this sacred task! With this in mind, we provide whole-family worship in a family atmosphere that values and includes all ages and invites each one to be an integral part of an authentic and loving community of faith. Children are encouraged to actively participate in worship and in response during the sermon (as well as their parents). Yes, sometimes it is lively, and even noisy, but our times together are always full of live, fun, and the joy of the family of God!

We surely don’t have all the answers, but we know that the family is on the heart of God (after all, it was His idea). So we are praying God will allow ICF to be a place where His Spirit can minister to families and begin to restore what is on His heart for them! We are enjoying being a family of families that loves being together to bring glory to Jesus Christ! We hope you will join us to see what God is doing at ICF!