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2013 Mexico Photos

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In February, a team of ten from ICF traveled to Mexico to assist with the construction of a church. Three years ago, a few of the team members were a part of a previous team that broke ground on the site, which was initially a farmer’s field just outside of town.

At Dulles Airport at 4:30am

Liz is a excited for Mexico

Sleep deprived? No.

Off to Mexico!

Sky Mall

Mexico. From above.

Waiting to grab a taxi to go to the bus station (it's across town)

Looking out from the bus station

Bus station in Mexico City

Iguala, here we come!

Just a hair out of place.

And so do we.

Moving (a lot of) gravel.

Zach's HDR wheelbarrow shot

Lenny raising the roof

Prepping the floor for the pour

Emily & her new friend

The pouring begins.

Adan drawing water from the well the 2010 team helped dig

Girl power.

One section down!

Must be perfect!

Tired and dirty feet

Siesta time!

This happened a decent amount the first couple days

Off to the flagpole over looking the city

Mitch. And the flagpole.

Adan & Paul

Adan's family!

Team pic!

These guys randomly jumped in the back of our truck. So naturally, they were subject to our constant photography.

We kinda got locked out...

Excitement, much?

Lenny. The mule.

Man shades of excitement.

The piles grows.

Mixing & loading cemento.

Quick break.

Ed, the leader. (because he dons the apple hat)

This job takes a lot of water.

Last day of cement? Maybe?

Another break.

Prepping the steel for painting.


Zach has a slight obsession with VW's...

"Yeah! It's almost done!"

"There it is."

Looking all cool. And stuff.

The finished product.

Waiting for some good food!

We ate a few variations of this. So good.

Limes. A very popular side dish!

Pork rinds.

American food? (it was better than we can make it...)

These. Were. So. Good.

Cantaloupe & other melons for dessert!

Apple soda. Everywhere.

Evil peppers.

The last supper.

Evening dinner conversation.

Heading out to swim!

Swimming Pool Prices

The Iguala community pool

They didn't believe this was a waterproof camera...

6 people in the back seat? No big deal.

Fb Like button in Spanish

Mexican Walmart!

Adan leading worship!

Jesus Lives!

The second place we swam

Very cool place!

They had a waterfall bridge!

Off to Taxco we go!

View from the silver shop in Taxco

Postcard worthy.

The Three Amigos (different Manzana Lift labels)

Some of the best pizza on earth!


The buildings in Taxco are so cool!

Descending into Taxco's market

Fresh produce in every corner

Catholic Church at the Zocalo (town square)

Inside the church

One of the domes on the church

View behind the pizza shop

Taxco's zocalo (town square)

Schoolchildren were everywhere

Caught in the act.

The sales ladies were out in full force.

Everywhere you turned was a "Kodak moment"

One of the congregations gave us a sombrero.

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